December 27, 2011

Samsung may bless Galaxy S & Original Tab with Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung seems to be listening. After drawing the ire of the blog world and customers on twitter for not including Galaxy S & the original Galaxy Tab in the list of possible candidates for Ice Cream Sandwich update, looks like Sammy has taken the right decision to evaluate the possibly of an ICS update for these devices.

Samsung is probably confused if the users will like the Tab and S without Touchwiz. They don't have to be confused. I think Samsung must not waste time trying to figure out how to incorporate Touchwiz into the ICS update they are planing for both the devices. I did not buy the Galaxy Tab for Touchwiz, with all due respect to the Samsung Developers. I bought it for the hardware specifications and to experience Android. I am sure the users will not know the difference between Touchwiz and a vanilla Android. Besides, ICS user interface is much more sophisticated and beautiful. It does not need to be tampered with.

I think it's about time great hardware makers like Samsung focused only on hardware and not software. We do not care how the user interface is differentiated. All that we want is the ability to use the most recent version of Android on these devices. It is time you guys looked at phones like you look at personal computers.

It is a welcome move from Samsung if they have decided to include Galaxy S and Tab in their list for ICS update. Since Samsung is a leading Android Phone Maker, I am sure this will change a lot of things in the game. It will change the way people look at phones.

While keeping my fingers crossed, I have deferred my decision to move from Samsung to Sony Ericsson for want of regular updates. Good luck Sammy!

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