December 24, 2011

Samsung will not give me my Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung recently announced the names of the devices that are going to get Ice Cream Sandwich update in 2012. And sadly, Samsung Galaxy S and the original Samsung Galaxy Tab is not there in the list. And Sammy, that is not fair to a customer as loyal as I am.

The original Samsung Galaxy Tab is a dream to use. It is almost a year and still the one I own runs pretty smoothly. It used to crash once in a while when I was on Froyo. Later it was updated to Gingerbread and now everything runs so smoothly on the tab. I used it as a replacement for my personal computer.

Now that Google released Ice Cream Sandwich, I was hoping that Samsung will allow me to have a taste of it. I am planning to buy Seven Plus when it is out in India. I heard that it is going to get an ICS update. That is not enough. I think the original Tab users are entitled to an ICS update as well.

Samsung says it is difficult to integrate Touchwiz UI with ICS and run it smoothly on the original Tab. Is it that difficult? Good! Then do away with Touchwiz and give us the vanilla version of ICS.

I am currently running ICS on my Tab. This is an Alpha Version ROM from XDA forum. Ya, it has plenty of limitations considering that the version is still in Alpha 3. The camera will not work. The bluetooth does not listen to what you want to say. And there are plenty of bugs. In spite of all these, it runs pretty well on the Original Tab. It runs pretty smoothly and as good as a legitimate version from Samsung will run. Sammy, this Touchwiz excuse does not hold water anymore.

Samsung is competing with Apple. And Apple is known for the way they keep their customers happy. When there is an update, everyone gets it if you are using an IOS device. I think it is time Samsung learned from that. Otherwise, they will just keep competing with Apple without reaching anywhere.

I do not know why Sammy does not understand that we buy him for the hardware. Touchwiz is does not influence the decision making process of a buyer at all. I bought the Original Galaxy Tab because of the size and the hardware. I wanted something that could fit into my trouser pocket and at the same time had a big screen so that I do not have to squint to read. I wanted something that could run 3 G and Wifi at the same time. I wanted something with a clear screen. I wanted something with both front and rear cameras. The Original Tab has all these and I bought it. Touchwiz did not figure in my decision at all. Sammy, get rid of Touchwiz. It will not hurt you if you get rid of it. We buy you because of the quality of the hardware.

Let me taste Ice Cream Sandwich on my original Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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