December 18, 2012

Sync disabled after Jelly Bean (4.1.1) update on Android Phone

I'm sure many of you are facing the same problem that I faced right after the Jelly Bean or Android 4.1.1 update on your brand new Android Phone. Sync just doesn't work. You try everything you can to eable Sync and get push notification working. Some of us even remove the account and add it back again. What do you do when the Sync option is not working on your Android Phone or Tablet.

Heard of people who forgot to plug in the printer, trying to take a print out thinking that there is something wrong with the computer? Well, the Sync issue is something like that. It is not a bug or functionality issue.

When your phone is updated to Jelly Bean, the sync is automatically turned off. All that you need to do when sync is disabled on your Android Phone after Jelly Bean or 4.1.1 Android update is to go to your notification bar. Pull down the notification bar, swipe to the end of the function icon list and click on sync icon. Yes, I am talking about the same place where you go on your notification bar to enable wifi, gps etc. Once you enable sync from the notification bar, the application settings will change to sync from the internet.


  1. Thank you very much. It's working now.

  2. I dont have sync in my notifications bar. Mine is at the bottom of the screen.....HELP!

    1. go to Setting --> Accounts --> Google --> uncheck the apps that you dont want to synch

  3. Thank you SO much! How simple?!

  4. Same problem with me, do not have sync icon in notification bar, please someone help me.

    Mayuresh Deo.

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  6. I didn't have the sync icon in the notification bar as well.
    Go to Widgets(open the All apps view by clicking on the All app viewer. Then click on WIDGETS at the top. Now swipe to the left to scroll through all the widgets). Find the power control widget bar and hold in down to place it somewhere on your homescreen.
    In this bar there is a icon for the sync. Now just push this icon once and push sync starts right away.
    @ Soyo. Thanks for helping me and the others get to this solution. Without your first post I would not have found this solution.


  7. You can also go into Settings > Data Usage and hit the Menu button. There is and option there for Auto Sync Data. Enable this.

    There are also options for Data Roaming, Restrict Background Data, Show WiFi Usage, and Mobile HotSpots for managing your apps accessibility to hotspots.

    The last one is interesting because, if you use hotspots, you can tell your phone that "X" connection is a hotspot, not typical data or wifi connection, and it will prevent it from being used for syncing - useful for Google Play Music, Movies, App Updates, etc... so you don't exceed your limit.

  8. thank you... you saved lots of my time!

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