December 26, 2011

Stream Bollywood Songs on your Android Phone

The Android Market ecosystem is full of applications that allow you to stream music. Plenty of them out there allows you to get online music and radio station streaming. If you are someone who is keen on listening to music but do not want to save songs on your device for the fear of eating up space, these applications are good for you. Or if you are bored of the music saved in your device and wants some pleasant music surprises steaming is a great idea.

If you are from India and you do not like all these heavy drum beating stuff they play in English or if you love listening to Hindi songs once in a while, what can you do? Most flats the Android applications all you to stream oly western music. For the love of India, is there an application that allows you to play Hindi songs? Yes, there is.

Saavan Music! A great application that allows you to stream both old and new Hindi songs on the go. You can make your own play list or play randomly as you go when you are using Saavan. You can also choose from the list of top songs. Or you can choose from the different categories or themes available in Saavan. If you are in India and are using an Android Phone, I would say Saavan is a must download. You an download Saavan from here.

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