December 28, 2011

How to keep track of your Adsense Account on Android?

You are a blogger and you write a lot. And you have an Adsense Account you use to try and monetize your content, hoping that you can make some money as you write, without an editor breathing down your neck.

Blogger and Google revolutionised the way people benefit from creating content online. Pairing blogging with Google Adsense, they opened up a way for  ameture bloggers to monetize their otherwise 'worthless' content.

Now a person like me, who would not have taken to writing my heart out for the fear of rejection, can write any time of the day about anything I want. And I have an incentive to do so. I can place a few advertisements from Google on my blog and make some money out of what I write. If what I write is useful, more people will visit my blog. Some of you will click on an advertisement you see here. And I will get paid for the time and effort I have put into creating the content you are reading.

If you are a blogger like me and you run Adsense Campeigns on your blog, I am sure you will want to keep track of your Adsense Account every day. So far most of us used to do that when we were in front of a personal computer. Times have changed. Most of us would like to have such information on our fingertips, accessing it on the go. We want that information on our phone. Is there a way to access your Adsense Account on your phone?

If you are using an Android Phone, like I always say, there is an app for that too. Adsense Dashboard is the application. You can download the app from here. Adsense Dashboard allows you to keep track of the Adsense Campeigns you have on your blogs. It allows you to see how your Adsense Account is performing, at a glance. It tells you how many pageviews your blog generated, how many clicks got converted into what kind of money. It also tells you how much money you have made so far. Adsense Dashboard is a very useful application if you want to keep track of the different channels you have created in your Adsense Account.

If you are a blogger and found Adsense Dashboard, the application for Android, useful to keep track of your Adsense Account let me know.

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