December 6, 2011

How the Samsung Galaxy Tab (7 Inch) became my favourite computer

People are writing about how their iPad became their favourite computer, not only for content consumption but also for content creation. Ya, that is what a good computer is about, right? Content creation as well as content consumption! An wholesome digital experience by any definition will allow you to consume content and create content and distribute content. There is nothing wrong with that. And there is nothing wrong in being able to do that with an iPad.

What is wrong is when people write about an experience as though it is the only experience that someone can have. I am fed up of people telling me how superior an iPad is to any other tablet. It is not. Unlike them, who have not used Android as a personal device, I have used an iPad. I know how an iPad works. I know what I can do with it and what I can't. And I was not impressed with an iPad anytime as much as I was impressed by an Android Tablet.

I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab, seven incher. Ya, I am talking about the old competitor to iPad, the one that was launched much before Samsung launched one that matched an iPad in size.

I do not find my Samsung Galaxy Tab inadequate at all. I use it 70% of the time to read content, answer my mails, create documents and write my bog. I use it to play games. I use it to copy videos from a DVD and watch them when I have time. I use it to chat with my friends. I use it to download torrent files. I use it to download and open zip files. I use it for social networking. I use it to browse any and every site I want to visit.

I have a folder on my Samsung Galaxy Tab where I keep my most important documents. I access them on the go, when ever. I have my favourite songs, books and videos saved there. I can consume them when ever I want to. I have all my favourite photographs on my tab. I have all my favourite sites bookmarked on my tab. I watch television on my tab when I want to. I play games and solve puzzles when I am bored. I have both my Gmail and corporate email ids set up on the tab. And it has made life easier.

Unlike most of the iPad fans, I didn't have to spend money for an external keyboard to figure out I can do most of the things I do with a computer on my Tab. What mattered was the size. And a seven inch screen is perfect to hold and type as long as you want. Because of superior alternate on-screen keyboards with highly evolved autocorrect features, you do not have to worry about typing wrong things. Because of the size that fits into your hand, you will not feel tired holding it. And multi-tasking is like a breeze. What used to get stuck on a Froyo is much relaxed on a Gingerbread after Samsung released their update. My Tab never gets stuck anymore.

I have my twitter discussions on my Tab. I update my Facebook using my tab. I do pretty much all my online work using my tab. Except when I am at work, where I have to use a laptop. I figure out how to reach somewhere using my tab. I even manage a Facebook page using the Tab.

See! What I do not understand is why people are attributing all these qualities only to an iPad. A Samsung Galaxy Tab can do what an iPad does and more.

Last month I bought an external keyboard, a bluetooth keyboard, to see what difference it made to the kind of work I do with a tab. It is fun to use an external keyboard because it makes you feel like you are using a laptop. But not for long. Because tablet is a different experience all together. Tablet is all about being able to hold it in your hand what ever you are doig - creating, dirtibuting or consuming content. And that is what I am able to do with my Samsung Galaxy Tab, seven inch. I use it like a perfect computer I can hold in my hands. What more can an IPad do?


  1. You are the first person said something exactly right about samsung galaxy tablet, me to I like it more than any other tablet specially his size!!!!! I like it

  2. You are the first person said something exactly right about samsung galaxy tablet, me to I like it more than any other tablet specially his size!!!!! I like it

  3. Agreed - I have the 7 inch galaxy tablet and it is heavily used every day. Perfect size; much more mobile than my laptop and I'm constantly learning new things that it can do. I looked at the ipad, but I can't imagine one would be any more useful than my galtab.


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