December 7, 2011

A great drawing tool for Android

In the ordinary world, you need to be very creative with your hands and have great control on the way they move to draw a reasonably good picture. That is not so in the digital world.

What Steve Jobs started on the first personal computer, has grown to create great tools for us to express ourselves creatively. Painting on a computer screen has evolved considerably. With tablet computers, it is taken to another level. Now you have the freedom to use your fingers to draw, without needing to have any idea of drawing at all. All you need is a little visual sense and knowledge of what tool to use for what task.

If you are into drawing and painting and you own a touchscreen device that runs Android, you will never be disappointed about the possibilities that the Android ecosystem offers you to express yourself creatively. I have come across many tools that allow you to express yourself for work as well as pleasure. There are many professional drawing tools on Android that allows you to use your fingers to create magic. And if you are not that great in drawing, do not be dismayed. There are applications that will help you draw great images even without knowing how to actually draw a good picture. Sketch n Draw is one of them.

What I liked about Sketch n Draw is the fact that it allows you to use a variety of predefined brushes that will turn even the most mediocre lines into something magical. I do not draw well at all. But I have attached a picture I have done using Sketch n Draw. It is not that great. It is not too bad either. I attached it just to show you how powerful this application is. You can download Sketch n Draw from here. Let me know how you liked using it. Post links to the images you create using Sketch n Draw. I would love to see how creative you are.

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