November 16, 2011

What to do when Facebook Account is hacked?

Facebook is too popular. And popularity makes websites vulnerable to attacks from scamsters. As I am writing, a large scale pishing scam is happening on Facebook. Ruthless scammers are posting graphic porn content using Facebook accounts. What can you do when your Facebook is attacked and compromised? Here are a few things you can do in case you find your Facebook Account is hacked and your news feed is hijacked by scamsters who post unwanted content:

  1. Change your password right away. And when you are changing your password, make sure that you don't use a simple, everyday word as your password. Make sure that you don't use obvious number and word combination like 123-your-son's-name. Use a mix of alphabets and numbers.
  2. Use Facebook encryption. Facebook allows you to use encryption so that the information you send online is not visible to third parties. I am sure Facebook has already prompted you to do this. If you cannot see https on your address bar, go to your settings and enable https instead of using http. If you use http, smart hackers can intercept your communication midway and get your details. Https encrypts your page so that none can read it.
  3. Delete unwanted applications. I am sure you get tons of invites prompting you to add applications to your account. While some of them are useful, some of them are useless after to first time you use it. Go to your settings and remove all the applications you do not trust or do not use.
  4. Run a virus scan on your computer. Sometimes, the scammers will install software on your computer to control your account. Scan your computer so that you can trace unwanted spyware on your computer and delete them.
  5. Use a modern browser. Internet Explorer is not a good idea. It makes you vulnerable to attacks. Use a browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  6. Uninstall all browser plug-ins right away. If you are using add-ons or plug-ins or search bars on your browser, remove them. You do not need any plug-in other than your video or voice player plug-ins to use a browser effectively. I suggest you get the help of new expert to do this.
  7. To prevent people from tagging you on photos and videos you may not like to be tagged on, please go to Privacy Settings and Edit how tagging works on you. Keep tag review on and people will need your permission to tag you. 

These are a few things you can do after your Facebook account is attacked. Prevention is better than cure. What are the few things you you can do to prevent such attacks?

  • Use a strong password, as I referred to in the first part.
  • Do not give permissions to all applications. Let that red bulb pop up in your head the moment you see that page asking your permission. If you have an applications that asks for your email and friends list details, do not give a permission.
  • Make sure that you do not click on links just because of see them on your news feed. Make sure that you trust the website before you click on a link. Enable your anti-virus software to analyze to links in your browser
  • Do not disable htpps under any circumstance.
  • Do not copy paste java script into your URL, even if promises magic.

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