November 8, 2011

Easily access your Apps on Android

Irrespective of which smartphone you use, it is a pain in the neck to find an app from your app drawer when you need it the most. Especially if you have too many applications on your phone. Apple has this problem. So does Android.

If you are using an Android phone, you have more options than an iPhone user in times like these. If you are using an iPhone, you need to satisfy yourself categorising applications into different folders. Android on the other hand has different ways to help you find an installed application when you need it as quickly as possible.

Android differentiates between a homescreen and an app drawer, unlike an iPhone. iPhone does not even have the concept of an app drawer. All it has is a screen. The ability of Android phones to create as many as seven homescreens become handy when you want to keep your favourite applications where you see them. What I usually do is to have applications for similar uses all in one place on one home screen. For example, all my social networking applications are on one screen. All my video streaming applications are on another screen. I just have to swipe across screens to find which application is where.

Now, that is not enough for some of us. We still want more. I am a very organisedly disorganized person. I can keep all apps in one place once and completely forget that they are there when I need them the most. If you are like me, download Go Launcher. It gives you the ability to categorize your applications into folders. So now you can access your apps like a true Android user frm your home screen or go to your app drawer and like an Apple user access your Apps from the folders.

Having a smartphone is like getting married. After the novelty wears off, you want things to happen quickly than when you first got your phone. So having seven home screens to look at and having to go to the app drawer folders make it seem like life is too damn slow. You would love it if you just flicked open your phone and the app that you wanted right now is right there on that screen. This is where CircleLauncher comes to your rescue. CircleLauncher is a homescreen widget that will help you categorize your apps in circles on the homescreen. You can have as many circles as you want and name those circles too. What I did was to categorize my applications into Utilities, News, Mail, Social, Media etc and place them on different CircleLauncher Circles. And then you have many options to tweak the way the circles look. My favourites are the ability to remove the app name and the ability to reduce the size of the app icons.

You can download CircleLauncher from here. Let me know if CircleLauncher made your life any easier. Let me know how.

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