November 18, 2011

Another great keyboard for Android!

What makes a keyboard on Android worth the time you spend to download it?

I've been playing with keyboards on Android for a while now. I love it when a keyboard is accurate and easy to use. Most keyboards that I downloaded are good the first time I use them. After a while tend to hang on me with a difficult to access server for auto correct!

Another thing! I used to always think that to swipe is such a bad idea for Android! How on earth can someone swipe and still write well enough to make it readable? The original Swype application for Android typing is such a difficult thing to learn. You need to be pretty careful when you are typing with a Swype so that you will not forget what you want to type.

I was always looking for a keyboard on Android that is accurate and at the same time fun to use. Keyboards that focus a lot on accuracy are not that fun use. They give you a hard time getting you into auto correct traps that you will never notice until its too late. And then keyboards that let you swipe to type are too hard to use that you will never finish what you intended to type in peace. And when you swipe to type you always end up findings yourself pecking your keyboard to correct your mistakes.

What if we have a keyboard in which you can both type and swipe ? What if we have a keyboard that will do auto correct  fast enough to help you understand the wrong keys you poked? Well I'm typing this blog now using such a keyboard.

TouchPal! It's a great keyboard. I can say it's auto correct and Swype mixed at its best. If you are using TouchPal you doing have to worry swiping the wrong way. On TouchPal even if you are swiping the wrong way, it corrects you predicting what you intended to type. It has a great auto correct suggestion list for every word and pops them open in case you types anything wrong. Three suggestion feature and colour combination of TouchPal its so great that you will never miss a wrong word.

TouchPal world just the way as the makers of the app announces. You can swipe or type based on your preferences. You can enable animation on the TouchPal that it makes it feel like some magic is happening as you type. If you want to see the magic of TouchPal, you can download it from here.

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  1. Great keyboard, brings typing to new level. However, I can't turn on letter capitalization without having prediction turned on.


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