November 28, 2011

Convert your laptop into a WiFi access point

I can turn Samsung Galaxy Tab into a WiFi access point. If you have a Gingerbread or above, wireless tethering is like a breeze on your Galaxy Tab. That made me wonder, why can't the same thing be done on a personal computer?

Can I turn my personal computer into a WiFi access point?  Yes, I can. If a WiFi enabled Tablet can be converted into a WiFi hot spot, you can convert a laptop the same way too. But the problem is it's a little complicated when you do that on a laptop compared to a Tablet. You need to really figure out how to configure your computer to create ad hock networks.

Is there an easy way to create a WiFi hot spot on your computer? Connectify is the answer. Connectify is a software that helps you simplify the process of creating an ad hock network on your computer. Using the software you can enable your computer to connect at least five other devices to the Internet. It is as simple as going here and downloading the Connectify Me pro version or lite version, installing it on your computer and setting up a name and password for your WiFi Access Point. Once you have done that you can use your landline connection that connects your computer to connect your other devices wireless.


  1. i have been trying it since a long time,but the galaxy tab(7in) doesnt show any wireless network where as my n97 easily connects to it...


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