November 29, 2011

Cluzee does not have a clue!

No! I am not willing to give any Android App a chance! If you want to be better than iOS, you better be better than iOS. You can not claim to do a task like one of those iOS applications and suck big time in it. Free or not, I do not want to waste data downloading something that sucks.

Ya. People are searching for applications in the Android Market that works like Siri. People are searching big time on Google too. Even my blog, which is not popular at all in the tech world by any standard, gets most hits on write ups about applications that work like applications on Apple Devices. Just because of that you cannot create a crap app and push it down our throat.

Let me tell you, cluzee sucks big time. Do not download it. It claims to be a personal assistant like Siri. Fact is it is worse than even the worse voice assistant applications on the Android Market. It does not have a clue as to what exactly a personal voice assistant is. Applications like Iris, which I hate to the core because of its proficiency in cracking dumb jokes than actually doing the job for you, are better than Cluzee.

Cluzee is as good as a crap application can get. It has a list of things it can do the moment you open the application. The sad thing is, it cannot do even those basic stuff it claims it can do. I tired five times to make Cluzee tell me weather. I tried five times to make it open an applications for me. All failed.
I do not understand why popular Android Blogs are giving it a chance. They are writing as though Cluzee will improve overtime. I do not think they will. Iris is a perfect example to show you why Cluzee will not improve overtime. Because the only vision behind these sort of applications is to ride on the glory of some iOS application. Net Leeches, I would call them. I wrote about Net Leeches and their phenomenon dependence  long ago, when developers tried to ride on the glory of twitter. Now, it is Android Developers trying to ride on the glory of iPhone. The problem is, they are not trying to do it better than iPhone. In fact, like Cluzee, they are trying to make it worse than iPhone.

Surprisingly, both Iris and Cluzee pull the data they need from the same website to answer your GK questions. I do not know when these developers will understand that people try and use a personal.assistant for more than just getting general knowledge questions answered.

One of the things that developers need to understand is that we spend data to download applications. Each bite downloaded leaves those many carbon footprints. I request them not to develop applications for the sake of developing it. I request them, even if they develop crap applications, not to waste PR time like Cluzee did to try and make people download their application.

Bottom line: if you want an application like Siri, do not download Cluzee. It is a waste if your data.


  1. Wow..what a troll story

  2. Man you are a waste of the internets data... why don't you pull your idildo out of your butt and wake up to the real world Sojo!

  3. lol, those commented above are Cluzee Developers :)

  4. Love it! I own an iPhone 4, but I had an Android phone for about 2 years. I love both operating system, though for general everyday things I do prefer the iPhone. There are a lot of crap apps on both systems, but I really agree with what your saying here. There are a lot of developers that jump on the bandwagon of a popular new trend (Apple generated or not), and create crappy versions for people to download quickly. If they charge for it, they make quick money, if they put ads in it, they make money that way. They often provide mediocre functionality, and as a user you kind of just say "eh I thought that would work, but wasn't as good as I hoped" and delete it. Absolute waste of time, and only benefits the developers pocket. As for those comments above, many many other sources have quoted and talked about how freaking terrible Cluzee is, so I would vote that the "troll" portion of this page are those comments. I could understand if it was a great app and this article trashed it, but Cluzee blows and everyone knows it. Just use VLingo or something equivalent

  5. Wow, you said all that I wanted to say in just a few lines. :)


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