October 25, 2011

Which is the best keyboard for Android?

So far, after buying my first Android Phone, I have tried more than ten versions of keyboards for Android. As usual, the pre-loaded stock Android Keyboard always comes with a lot of limitations. And this leads us to the search of a better keyboard. It led me too. And I have tried many of them. From Swipe to Swiftkey X, I have tried them all.

What do you look for when you download a keyboard? If you are like me, I am sure you will look for a keyboard that will help you make less mistakes as you are typing. The issue with most touch screen keyboards is that we end up pressing the wrong key or the screen reads our tap on the keyboard wrong. Stock Android keyboard's ability to predict what you will type and auto-correct is very limited. That is how many of us end up making frustrating and embarrassing  epic auto-correct bloopers. The more accurate the auto-correct, the better.

However, not many Android Keyboards have the ability to predict what you are typing as accurately as possible. Swipe got it right to some extent. But the problem with Swipe is that it is available mostly on Samsung Phones and even if it is available you get tired of swiping after some time. I still use Swipe to show off the ability of my Android phone and not to do my day to day typing.

SwiftKey X got it almost right. After using it for sometime, I realized that SwiftKey also fails me in this accuracy department sometimes. Sometimes it comes up with these autocorrects that you cannot change no matter how hard you try. You keep typing one word and SwiftKey changes into something else. Frustrated, you have to go back to the stock Keyboard to type it the way you want.

So does my search for a keyboard that allows me to type accurately on my Andoid phone end there? Thankfully, no! Like I always say, there is an App for that too - AI Type Keyboard.

AI Type Keyboard alows you to type faster and without much mistake. It does not autocorrect irresponsibly. Everytime AI Type Keyboard autocorrects you, it notifies you with a sound. Otherwise, it predicts what you write and predicts so well that you may not even have to review what you type. You can set the keys to make a pop sound when you type. And the keys that you touch pops out allowing you to  keep track of which key you are touching. Over all I will give a 9 out of 10 for AI Type Keyboard. You can download AI Type Keyboard from here if you are using an Android Phone. You can download the tablet version of the App from here


  1. No correction algorithm will ever be perfect.

    For accuracy, you need bigger buttons -

    Big Buttons Keyboard Deluxe

  2. touchpal keybourd . Great keyboard, brings typing to new level.

  3. Swiftkey X will let you type what you want, it will put what you actually typed over on the left side of the selection options and you just have to select it. It will then add it to its dictionary if it isn't already in there and is more likely to use it in that same context by default the next time.

  4. Thanks for letting me know. I never noticed it. :D


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