October 25, 2011

Best reminder app for Android

If you are someone like me who keeps forgetting things that need your immediate attention, you defenitly need an application that reminds you to do them. Now, setting up your calendar is good enough for scheduling. Calendar on your android phone is not good enough to help you manage your daily to-do stuff. Though there are plenty of Applications out there, most of them fail when it comes to reminding you to do stuff. Either you need to create an alarm or you need to put a widget on your home screen so that you are remineded.

Now, the problem with alarms are, they go off once. After they go off once and you forget to snooze them, you are going to be in  trouble, forgetting what you were upto.

And the problem with a widget? Widgets are good if you put them on the screen that you always go to. Considering that most android phones have almost seven homescreens and you always don't go to all homescreens often, keeping a widget may not always help. And considering that most to-do applications out there in the market don't have an alram function built into them, widgets are the only option. But then, as I told you widgets often fail to grab your attention.

If widgets don't help, then what helps? Which application helps us to set todo reminders and see them when we have to? There is an application that allows us to create reminders without wasting the real eastate of the home screen and to keep them in a place we will never miss. This application I am talking about helps you keep your reminders in the notification tray.

Ya, that is right. Notification Notes, a very useful todo reminder application for android uses your notification tray to display your reminders. You can either create sticky notifications for your tasks and keep them displayed in the notification tray till you are done with the thing or you can set alarms for a task so that it displays exactly when you have to do it.

Let me give you an example. You are in the middle of something and you get a mail that you need to meet your boss for something very important after half an hour. All that you need to do is type the reminder into your Notification Notes and set an alarm. Your reminder will pop up on your notification bar exactly after half an hour. Is that not cool?

The great thing about Notification Notes is the fact that it allows you to create more than one notification reminder, unlike some notification reminder apps that are available in the market. It also comes with icons that you can change for each reminder. Now, if you want to downlaod Notification Notes, the application that allows you to set reminders on your notification bar, you can download it from here.

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