October 24, 2011

How to make Android Applications full screen on Tablets?

You download an application to your tablet only to find it that it does not fit full screen and there is this ugly black boarder around it. This ugly black boarder and the small screen size of the App makes you not want to use the Application however good it actually is. This is a usual problem with most first-generation Android Tablets. Many of the old Applications that are developed for the small screen of a smart phone does not look well on the tablet. People who use Samsung Galaxy Tab, the beautiful seven inch one from Samsung, are aware of this issue.

What can you do to make your Android Tablet display all Applications in full screen? Usually, you have to edit the manifest file of each small screen app to make it full screen. Most of us do not have the time to do that kind of work for all the applications we download.  Even if we have the time, we may not have the know-how to do it. There is actually an automated way of working around this issue. Well here is what you need to do to make otherwise small screen Android Applications look full screen on your Tablet:

  • Go to Android Market and download Spare Parts. Spare Parts is a settings application for Android. It allows you to tweak a few settings that are otherwise not available on many phones or tablets. The developer ripped these settings from the Android source repository and put them together to make an Application. You can download Spare Parts from here.
  • After downloading Spare Parts, open the application. You will find a list of settings. Go to compatibility mode in the list of settings. You will find that compatibility mode is checked. Uncheck the compatibility mode and reboot the tablet. Note one thing here - Spare Parts is not a full screen application when you download it. 
  • Once your tablet is switched on, go to Spare Parts again. If the change worked, you will see that Spare Parts has turned into a full screen app.

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