October 21, 2011

Is there an App like Photoshop for Android?

Do you like to draw pictures and paint? Are you painter who wants to try every medium possible to express yourself? Or are you a person who wishes your smart phone had the ability to let you draw or paint what you like? Or are you a person like me, who wish you had a Photoshop like App for your Android? Well, Android will not disappoint you.

There are plenty of Apps available in the Android Market, that allows you to paint or draw. There are plenty of  apps that allow you to insert photographs from your Gallery and draw circles and letters on it with your finger. But there an App that will help you do all that, and do it like you do on Photoshop. 

Adobe is yet to come out with an Application that resembles Photoshop for Android. Apparently, they are getting ready to launch one. But we cannot wait that long right? Ya, nobody waits when it comes to technology. It is all about getting what you want where you want it as quickly as you want it. And I know, we will jump at the opportunity of an App like Photoshop for Android. Yes, there is one!

SketchBook Mobile Express is an App like Photoshop for Android. If you have Android 2.1  or above, you can go ahead and download SketchBook Express for free from Android Market. Yes, it lets you draw and draw like a pro. If your device has 512 MB RAM and a 1Ghz Processor SketchBook Mobile Express will work like magic on your device. What I liked most about Sketchbook Mobile Express? Well, the ability to draw using layers like the layers on Photoshop. If you want to give it a shot, you can download the App from here

If you do not mind paying and you are really a pro painter who will settle for nothing other than the best features available, they got a paid version for you. They got SketchBook Mobile, that comes with more features. You can download it from here

If you are using a Hioneycomb Tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab, you might want to try the Tablet Version of SketchBook. They call it Sketchbook Pro. SketchBook Pro is specially designed for Android Tablet. Well, here again, you need to pay for this App. You can download it from here

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