October 22, 2011

What are the different touch commands on Android Phones?

So, you got your first touch enabled Android Phone? Good. Now you are wondering what are the different kinds of touch commands available on your Android Phone. Most of us figure it on our own, because touch is intuitive. We are designed to touch. But some of us find it difficult to figure out how touch commands work on a phone when we are interacting with a touch screen phone for the first time. Here, let us explore different ways in which we can touch a multi-touch Android phone and make it listen to us.

Tap: To tap is to touch. Just touch your phone once. Tap will help you do a lot of things. You can tap to open a link or dial a number. You can tap to interact with a submit or login button. Most buttons and keyboards ract to taps. You tap to type. Some phones have multi touch enabled and you can tap two or three buttons at the same time. This allows you to play games on your phone effectively.

Double Tap: Certain applications allow you to double tap. If you double tap on a browser, you will zoom in or out. You need to double tap on certain applications to interact with certain buttons. Photographs too respond to double tap. When you double tap, photographs zooms in or out.

Long Press: You can press for a long time on the screen when you are interacting with an Application. Long press usually brings up a menu. This menu usually contains copy, cut and paste functions. You can long press on  certain applications to select all text. In a browser, you can long press to open a link in another tab or a new window.

Pinch or Spread: With two of your fingers you can imitate the action of pinching to zoom in or out. If you pinch in, it zooms out. If you pinch out or spread, it zooms in. You can pinch pages or photographs  to zoom them in or out.

Swipe: Android allows you to swipe horizontally or vertically on the screen to interact. Usually, you swipe to unlock the phone. You can also swipe to move things around. You can swipe on certain applications to go from one page to another.

Flick: Flick is like you flick a page in a book. It is a short swipe. When you swipe you move your finger from one end of the screen to other. When you flick, you swipe for a short period. You can flick on the screen usually to move from one page to another. 


  1. How to copy & paste on touch screen?

  2. Hi Mema, you can long press on the text on the screen to copy paste on touch screen

  3. When I long press it doesn't pop up nothing for copy & past help plz

  4. When I long press it doesn't pop up nothing for copy & past help plz

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