October 21, 2011

The truth behind "Shocking Video From Steve Jobs’ Last Business Meeting"

I am sure you have come across this video on your Facebook or Twitter or any other social network you are on. It is shocking as the title says. It show Steve Jobs, one of the greatest men ever lived on the face of this earth, slumping on his chair during his last business meeting. 

This video was uploaded on Vimeo on 31 August 2011. Later, it was uploaded on YouTube on 6 October 2011. Original and gripping as it may seem, this video is fake. Why do I think this video is fake?

The video about "Steve Jobs' final meeting" is fake for one simple reason - this video has the same red chair from Walt Mossberg's AllthingsD interview with Steve Jobs. And one of the clips or many clips in the video is from that famous interview. See the video for yourself and find out that line in the shocking video that Steve says is from AllThingD Video. 

Now, the website that made this video, The Final Edition, is a parody website, whose only intention is to poke fun at The New York Times. They probably made this video to drive traffic to their site. Now, you decide if you want to take a parody website seriously!!

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