March 29, 2010

Snaptu for your mobile phone!

We are increasingly finding ourselves overwhelmed by the flow of information online. And not many of us are fortunate enough to own a smart phone and that keeps us away from the world when we are away from our computer monitor. What if someone can provide us access to all that information even when we are away from our computer monitor and even if we do not own a smart phone? Snaptu does just that!

Snaptu is an Israel based Mobile Platform that brings many popular web applications to one place. Twitter, Facebook, News, Search - you name it, they got it. The key thing about this Mobile Phone Application is that it can run on any Java Enabled Mobile Phone.

How do you know if your mobile phone can run a Java Application? Click here to find a list of Java enabled phones and see if your phone model is in the list. If your phone is Java Enabled, then go to your mobile  browser and type  and download the application to your computer. Sign in to your favorite social networks and you are ready to go.

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