January 28, 2010

Why do I still go back to Google News?

In spite of Twitter and TweetDeck, I still find myself going back to Google News. Why?

Let me explain. Now, there is no question Twitter is a powerful social media. Often, more powerful than the powerful Facebook itself. And I am sure every tech geek in the world today wish they invented Twitter. Twitter popularized the concept of realtime web. And TweetDeck put the concept into action. As I shared with you in my last post, I look at Twitter as a powerful content delivery device. Having said that, there is one limitation that Twitter has which makes me not to quit my favourite Web 2.0 Services. What is that limitation?

Let me explain. People say Twitter is a river of information. Yes it is indeed. This is more than a metaphor when we talk about Twitter. You never get back the water that flows through River Twitter. Yes, the realtime nature of Twitter makes me miss the news. Twitter is with me when I am online, or when I my phone is with me. But then, I always do not have the time to keep checking my phone or keep going back to Twitter to see what is happening around the world.

On Twitter, it trends only if people are talking about it. But there is news out there that do not trend. News that I may miss out on. This is where feed readers and news aggregators like Google News come into picture. I still prefer the time I set apart to read news. I am not sure if I am really prepared for the information and junk with which Twitter overloads my timeline, my real life timeline. Not that it is bad. Just that I am not really ready for it yet.

So, I still go back and check Google News to see if I have missed out on anything!

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