September 30, 2013

Solution: Twitter for Tablet is crashing!

Tablet optimized version of Twitter is released here! If you own an Android Tablet, you can go straight to the German Website to download the application. Like a good early adopter and enthusiast of Android Applications found in the wild, I am sure you went ahead and downloaded the app, only to find that it keeps crashing or never loads. 

The version of Twitter for Android that we are talking about is optimized for Galaxy Note 10.1. Samsung has optimized Twitter (or I am anot sure if Twitter has optimized Twitter) to make it look like an application that can be used on Android. And the German site we are talking about says there is no assurance that Twitter for Tablet will run on any tablet. And they are right! It may not when you install it!

Yes, you are right. If you install the Tablet version of Twitter on top of your existing Twitter application, it will never load. All that you will get is a black screen of death and an intimation that tells you the application crashed.  What can you do when the Twitter for Android, optimized for Tablets crashes?

There are two things you can try:

One, Go to settings on your Android Tablet, and go to the applications and bring up the Twitter Application. And the rest is simple - clear the cache! Once you clear the cache, the Twitter for Tablet that is leaked will start working.

There is no 100% guarantee that clearing the cache  will allow Twitter for Android to work. If it does not, I suggest that you uninstall the current version of Twitter on your Tablet and install the APK given here. From my experience, it works 

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