March 20, 2013

Amaze your friends with this magic keyboard!

I never lose a chance to show off the power of Android.  I always have things thing about trying out any new thing that I find on Android. Just as I was searching for the next cool thing on Android that will amaze my friends, I came across this magical application that allows you to use the keyboard of your computer and the browser to type.
Yes, there is a surge of different kinds of keyboards on Android. Some of them try to be as accurate as possible. Some of them just focus on adding glitz to the utility  by including gesture typing, swiping (I still do not know what is the difference between both!!), etc. Some of them go to the extend of eliminating the key buttons and the qwerty type layout. But it looks like the cool idea was yet to come.
Yes, the makers of Wifi Keyboard came up with the next best thing. They made a keyboard that is not a keyboard at all. Though they call it Wifi Keyboard, it does not have anything to do with Wifi. All you need is a computer, a net connection and a browser. You can use the keyboard of your computer and type, once the Wifi Keyboard is downloaded and enabled on your computer.
You can download the application from here!!
Guess what - I typed this entre post using the Wifi keyboard. There were no glitches, no typos as it usually happens when I use a native android keyboard on the screen. And it was fun typing.
Wifi Keyboard allows you to use the browser and type on your computer. The text that you type will not be displayed on your computer screen. The best thing I notice about the application is that there is only a millisecond delay between when you touch your finger on the computer keypad and the text beging displayed on your phone/tablet. Yes, some times when there are too many inputs Wifi Keyboard gets confused and text may not be displayed quickly. But this happened to me only once as I was typing using Wifi Keyboard.
The best next part is, you can use almost all the functions allowed on your computer keyboard if you are typing using Wifi Keyboard. From Ctrl+V to Arrows. It also allows you to your the F2, F3 keys to access Menu or search. It is a cool application. Download it today!!

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