December 30, 2011

Samsung, I don't want your value pack!

Roumour mill is running again, with stories about how and how not Samsung will provide Samsung Galaxy S and Original Galaxy Tab users with Ice Cream Sandwich. I am following each story closely.

Last week Samsung announced the list of devices it will include in the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Samsung Galaxy S and Original Galaxy Tab, the two devices that provided Samsung with the stepping stones to mobile success were not included in the list. There was such a hue and cry in ts social media world about how unfair it is not to give updates for devices like Galaxy S and Original Galaxy Tab even though they are as capable as any other devices out there to receive one. It seems that Samsung's Touchwiz is the culprit.

Looks like Samsung could not provide an Ice Cream Sandwich update for both the devices given the fact that the space available in them was not adequate for both ICS and Touchwiz to run together. Many pointed at Apple and asked Samsung to learn from them about keeping updates for sold devices on. Then there was news that Samsung is in fact considering an update for both the devices. I was happy that ICS is coming soon on my Galaxy Tab.

No! The news is out now! It seems that instead of an ICS update, Samsung will give us some value pack that will bring the tab and S closer to ICS functionality. Value pack, my foot! Samsung, either you give me my ICS or give me nothing. I don't want any value pack. Drop Touchwiz and spend that money to give us a vanilla ICS. Please don't insult us, people who jumped into buy your first products, by giving is a value updated of sorts.

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