December 30, 2011

How to get Google Analytics on your Android Phone

A few days ago, I wrote about a tool that bloggers can use on their Android Phone to keep track of their Google Adsense Account. But if you are a passionate blogger, just a way to keep track of an Adsense Account is not enough. Most bloggers do not care about making money. They just want more people to read what they write. And Google Analytics is the best tool available out there to help you keep track of how people are using the information on your blog.

In a world that is moving towards mobility in a great way, I am sure some of you are looking at ways in which to keep track of your Google Analytics Account on your Phone. If you use an Android Phone, there is a neat application to help you access information frm your Google Analytics Account.

GAnalytics! Yes, that is the name of the application. There are plenty of applications in the Android Market that promise to help you access your Google Analytics Account. However, I like GAnalytics in particular. It has your Google Analytics information presented in a neat and organized manner. It is very easy to figure out how your blog is performing if you use GAnalytics. It allows you to see the performance of your blog on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. From visits to pageviews to traffic sources, GAnalytics allows you to get a deeper understanding of how your blog is doing. You can download GAnalytics from here.

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