December 17, 2011

How to watch Indian TV Channels Live on Android Phone?

If you own an Android Smartphone and use a 3G connection, I bet you are already searching for an application that allows you to watch TV on it. Ya, there are plenty of applications out there in the market that allows you to watch TV on your Android Phone. The issue is, all of them have European or Chinese Channels listed on them. What do you do if you want to watch Indian Channels on your Android Phone? Is there a way?

Like I always say, there is an app for that too on Android. Yes, you can watch Indian Channels on your Android Phone. In other words you can stream Indian TV channels live on your Android Phone, as they are happening. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to download at least three applications to watch most of the channels. Let me tell you which applications to download so that you will have a complete Indian TV viewing experience on your Android Phone or Tablet, watching your favourite regional channels.

Apalya Technology's MimibiTV is the first application to download. It has most Indian News Channels and Regional Entertainment Channels listed. You can go to Apalya's website here and read the download instructions for different Indian Telecom Operators/carriers. Sometimes, the instructions on Apalya's Website will not help you download the MimobiTV Player, especially if your carrier does not support your device. Aircell, Airtel, BSNL, Idea, MTNL, MTS, Tata Indicom, Docomo, Virgin and Vodafone are listed on Apalya's Website. However, I am talking to you from my experience of trying to watch TV using 3G connections from both BSNL and Airtel. I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab. BSNL does not support Galaxy Tab. Airtel support Samsung Galaxy Tab. In such cases you can download the application directly from the Android Market or if you are using a Samsung Phone you can download it from the Samsung App Store. If you are using Airtel, you can download the TV App from here. If you are using Idea, you can download the TV App from here. If you are using Vodafone, you can download the TV App from here. Apalya will charge you Rs. 40 per week if you want all channels. Please note that the data you use to watch TV is from your 3G Data Plan, which mean you pay for the data separate.

Digivive's NexGTv Nano is the second application you must download. It has all the channels that Apalya does not have and it does not have all the channels that Apalya has. So do not have to worry about downloading two applications for the same Channels. Another thing about NexGTv is that it is free at present. You can download NexGTv from here.

Then you need to download DittoTv from Zee Entertainment. It has all the Zee Channels. Right now Ditto TV is free. I think there is a trial period and after that you can get recharge coupons from Zee and refill your TV Application. You can download DittoTV from here.

These are the three applications I use when ever I want to watch Indian channels. Now, downloading TV applications from the market is a tricky business. Most of them are crap. It is very difficult to try and identify which Application to download for a great TV viewing experience on Android. Most Applications are just bookmarks that take you to some site loaded with malware. So be careful when you randomly download TV Applications from Android Market. I request the readers to post links in the comment section to any other good TV Application for Android other than what is mentioned in this post.


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