December 13, 2011

8 steps you must take not to be hacked on Facebook

Like Microsoft Windows is a popular target among spammers and hackers just because of its ubiquity, Facebook is vulnerable to attacks much more than we think. Last month it was the porn attack on Facebook users wall. This month the owner of Facebook, the great Mark himself was hacked and his private photographs were leaked online. If Mark can be attacked by a hacker on Facebook, anyone can become a victim. But it is always good to be careful.

What can you do to avoid getting attacked by hackers? Not that they will spare you. Real good hackers are smarter than we can imagine and they will hack you no matter what you do, if they want to. However, that should not stop us from taking care of what we should take care. Following are some of the things on can do to cover your back while hackers are busy figuring out how to hack you:

1. Always log out
Many of us never log put after we use an online service. That is a bad habit and you should do something about it if you do not log out after you use Facebook. It does not matter even if you are using your personal computer or a public computer. Log out after you use Facebook.

2. Never save passwords on browser
Most modern browsers offer to save your passwords to make it easy for you. While it makes your life easy, saving your password on the browser is risky. One, someone who is smart enough and has access to your computer can go to your browser settings and figure out what your password is. Two, a good hackers can use some vulnerability in your browser to obtain your password. So never ever save your password on the browser.

3. Clean your browser cache and delete cookies
Ya! Do that at least once in a while. A good hackers can gain access to your temporary files, browser cache and cookies and figure out how to hack you. Go to your browser settings nd clean up your browser cache and cookies to remain safe. Do not let the hacker look into your dustbin to figure out what kind of person you are.

4. Be careful about applications and games
Think twice before granting permission to any application on Facebook. You may badly want to see what your friend commented using an application. Or an application may offer to tell you things you really want to know, like your future. Or you may want to play that game. Make sure you do not give access to all applications that come your way. If it is an application that you are going to use only once, make sure that you revok he permission soon aft you use it. If an application wants your email, there is an option to use a fake email id instead of the real id. Make sure that you do not give your email away. Remember for a hacker, getting the email you use to sign in on Facebook is more than enough.

5. Enable Log in notification
Facebook can notify you the moment someone logs into your account from a different computer or location than you usually do. All that you need to do is to go to your security settings on Facebook and enable it. Give your mobile number and Facebook will let you know when someone logs in. If someone logs in and is hacking your account you will know and you can prevent it.

6. Use HTTPS
You see, a good hackers can track the information you send online. Once you type your password and click send or log in, your computer will send that information to the host computer to pull your data. Someone can track that when that information travels online from your computer to the host computer. Because once some information leaves your computer it is public. Facebook will help you encrypt your information like Banks do. You need to enable encryption. In other words, you need to change from http to https. You can go to your security settings and enable https. Do that.

7. Lock your information down
Make sure what you post is visible only to your friends. Great hackers are great mind readers. They can piece information from your post together and figure out what are the passwords you can possibly use. So do not post any information in public that an lead someone to your password. And make sure that your password is real strong. Make it longer. Make it a combination of letters and numbers and if possible symbols.

8. Be careful with clicks
Be sure about the links you click on Facebook. Do not click on a link even if it sounds really attractive. The least you an do is to wait till you see a few of your friends like it or comment on it, if you cannot avoid the temptation of clicking the link.

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