October 12, 2011

Rename files on your Android Phone or Tablet

One thing that you cannot do on Android? Most of us will say, well, you cannot rename the files on an Android. Right? Wrong! You can rename the files on Android.

Yes, you can. You may not be able to rename your files using your normal Android stock file manager. Often you hook up the phone to a computer near you when you want to rename a file on your Android phone. But that is not the only way. You can directly change the name of a file on your Android phone without hooking it up to a computer.

See, if Android can allow you to create documents from the phone and name them as you like using a document writer,it can allow you to rename your file too. As I understand both functions use similar api. All that you need to do is to find an alternate Android file manager in the classic Android style. Yes, there is an App for that too! Literally! Actually there are many Apps for that!

Well, I use Astro File Manager. You can download Astro File Manager from here.All that you need to do to rename a file on Astro File Manager is to long press on the file and click "Rename" from the list that pops up. You can even copy files from one place to another like you do on your computer if you are using Astro File Manager.

Now, when you are renaming a file you need to be a little careful. You need to remember the file extension and add it to what ever you have renamed the file to. For example, let us say that you want to rename a .jpeg file. So when you are renaming the file remember to add that extension to the new name.

For example if the file is "yourname.jpeg" and you are renaming it to "myname", make sure that you type "myname.jpeg". Otherwise, the file readers on the phone may find it difficult to identify which application to use to open that file.


  1. Astro file manager cannot rename file on Note 3

  2. Astro file manager cannot rename file on Note 3

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  4. This article was a HUGE help! I couldn't quite figure out what I was doing wrong but after reading this I was able to easily fix my problem! Thank you very much!

  5. Thank for this article. My files on my tablet keep getting saved without a file extention and I haven't been able to open them again when I want to go back to work on them again. This is going to save me lots of time.


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