October 14, 2011

There is an App like Apple's Siri (voice action assistant) for Android

Apple released IPhone 4s and Apple fanboys are so desperate already to find out what makes it different from iPhone 4. They talk about internet loading speed of Iphone 4s, but their own test videos show how some of the new Android phones match it in terms of speed. The next thing they talk about is Siri.

Siri is an application available in iphone 4s that allows you to use voice actions. You say it and Siri will do it for you. Want to send a text message to someone? Just tell Siri. Want to find out which is a good seafood restaurant in Bangalore, ask Siri. Ya, all that is good only till you know that these capabilities are already built into Android and all that you need is an application to do it.

No! Don't expect Google to do it for you. Google is not Apple. They did not create Android so that they can create all cool apps themselves. They let the developers do it. And one of the Android Developers have already come up with an App that matches Siri in terms of functionality.

Speaktoit Assistant is the Application that gives you what you ask for on Android. You can download the app from here. Speaktoit Assistant is closely integrated with the voice recognition and voice action technology already available on Android.

What can you do with Speaktoit Assistant? You can do pretty much anything that you do with Siri, if you are using Speaktoit Assistant for Android. You can update your Social Network Profiles. You can open websites. You can send text messages. You can open applications. And based on your gender preference you can have a guy or a girl assisting you with Voice Actions as you go about asking your Android Smartphone to do things for you.

The best thing I like about Speaktoit Assistant is that it uses the voice action language on your phone. For example, I speak Indian English and Speaktoit Assistant understands Indian English as that is the default voice action language on my phone.

Speaktoit Assistant is closely integrated with the browser and search function of Android. So you can make it your default voice action assistant. A long press on the search button will open Speaktoit Assistant after you make it your default voice action application on Android.

Update: Like me, if you have the habit of trying several Applications for the same functionality before settling with one, Vlingo Virtual Assistant is another voice action assistant  you have. You can download Vlingo Voice Action Assistant from here. What can Vlingo do for you? Vlingo follows your voice commands for a number of functions like sending text messages, calling someone, searching, updating social networks, opening applications, getting directions on you map and to hear incoming messages. Like Windows Phone proposes to do, Vlingo has an InCar Beta. Vlingo In Car beta is integrated into your Vlingo Virtual Assistant and you can use it when your drive. It also has an automatic listening mode.

Feedback Update: I tried both Speaktoit and Vlingo. Speaktoit feels more like Siri because it answers your questions in a conversation mode. Vlingo feels like a skinned version of Google Voice Actions. Though, like Siri, Speaktoit gets confused with certain things you say, it does a good job picking out things for you from the web or sending a message or updating your social network actions. I have been hearing about the funny things that Siri says when you ask funny questions to it. From the look of it, I think Speaktoit gives funnier answers to the same questions. Vligo, on the other hand, is a little dry as it just executes voice commands.

Now try Speaktoit and Vlingo and let me know which of those you liked!

Update: A recent software update got Speaktoit, the ability to remember your name. It also has options of using a Male or Female Voice. So, all you girls out there, if you want a Male Voice Assistant, Speaktoit is the App. 


  1. Vlingo was boring, Speaktoit is a lots of fun, it however would look more professional if their default icon is not that funny half-dressed girl, and also there is no male voice.

  2. Siri Gets High.


  3. I've been using Vlingo for a while and I love the in car mode. I tell all my droid friends about it.

  4. SpeaktoIt Assistant does have an option for a female or male voice/assistant. You can choose what your assitant looks like and you can select different languages. You can name your Assistant also. Just say "your name is.._____" And it will remember that. I have my voice set to United Kingdom English. My female avatar is named, Ripley. My male avatar is named Steven. I switch back and forth for fun once in a while.

  5. this is really awesome. the only booring thing is that it wont want to marry you. LOL


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