October 10, 2011

How to solve Android dialer force close?

You take out your phone to dial someone and see that the phone dialer is not allowing you to go to your contacts. It simply force closes every time you click contacts. You see something like "android.process.acore" stopped working.

What can you do when your phone dialer force closes as you are trying to reach someone so desperately?

Here are a few things you can do:

Try rebooting your phone. Switch off the phone, keep it off for a few minutes and switch it on again. See if this solved the problem and your dialer is not force closing.

If this does not work, switch off the phone again, take out your sim card and battery and put them back again after a few minutes and switch on the phone.

Rebooting usually helps. Now, if it does not help, there must be some issue with syncing the phone contacts with your gmail. Head over to your gmail and see if there is a problem opening your contacts on a web browser on your computer. If there is a problem opening your gmail contacts on a web browser, the problem of your dialer force close is due to some wrongly entered field in your gmail contacts. Try and figure out which contact has a wrongly entered field.If you can resolve the issue with the gmail contacts, your dialer may start working again. Now, if you do not have your computer near you, disable syncing on your phone for a while, reboot your phone and see if the issue with force close is solved. If de-syncing solves the force close issue, you can go to your gmail contacts later and correct the wrongly entered fields.

Usually rebooting your phone or de-syncing your phone helps to solve the dialer force close issue. However, dialer force close or android.process.acore fore close issue is something related to the core processing of your phone. The issue must be because of an application you have recently downloaded. The android dialer is force closing because the new application process and the dialer process are clashing. Try uninstalling new applications that you have installed. Go back to your dialer to see if the force close issue is solved, after uninstalling each new application.

Usually, the issue is with a recently installed app that you downloaded from somewhere other than the Android Market. Remember that apk file you downloaded from somewhere because someone told you it is cool? Ya, go ahead and delete that from your system. In other words, try deleting applications that are not from trusted sources. (In my case it was the Google+ App for Ice Cream Sandwich that caused the issue. Google+ .apk for Icecream Sandwich was leaked recently]

And sometimes the issue is with applications that require phone permissions. If you can figure out which application is causing the dialer or contact force close issue, you may not have to uninstall every other new application.


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