October 11, 2011

How to enhance Android battery life?

Batteries that drain so fast are always an issue when it comes to Android Phones. Most of us forgive Android the embarrassing battery life as it gives us the freedom and openness that other mobile platforms cannot give us.

They say Flash and Air are responsible for this pathetic battery life that Android phones have. However, Flash is something you cannot live without, at least till html5 hopefully becomes a standard across the World Wide Web. And for the sake of allowing developers to create apps that look good, we need to put up with Air.

So now that Flash and Air are out of the danger of being deleted, what is left that can save the battery life? You need to figure out which are the applications that use your battery heavily even when you are not using them. Multi-tasking capability of Android opens up another problem. It simply will not close certain applications that it thinks need to run in the background. And these applications eat up your battery. But how do you find out which are the applications that eat your battery in the most unacceptable fashion? How do you find out which application runs in the background and drains your battery drastically?

Android's built in power management and monitoring system has its own limitations and it does not show you which applications are draining the battery. So you have to look to other places for help. And help comes from Chinese Developer, NetQin Mobile. NetQin's Android Booster is available in Android market for free. You can download NetQui Android Booster from here.

 NetQin Android Booster makes your Android phone faster. Helps you save battery power. Monitors traffic your traffic use so that you do not use more data than you can afford.It helps you reclaim memory, save battery power, kill tasks and give you an easy way to uninstall unwanted apps.

Let me give an example. For a long time, after using several Android Booster Apps, I was not aware which are the applications on my phone that use a lot of power than necessary to run. I always used to clean the RAM, clear the cache and kill my GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi, hoping that will save me some power. After I downloaded NetQuin, and ran a scan to understand my battery usage, I was stunned.

We never expect popular Applications to run smoothly without consuming a lot of power after they are closed. Now, Pulse is a very popular Application. I am sure there is no one who uses an Android Phone, that does not use Pulse as their news reader app. What more should I say, even the great Steve Jobs showed Pulse as an example of a great Application. I was stunned to find out after I used NetQuin Android Booster that, Pulse uses 48% of my battery even when I am not using it when you compare it to Chat Applications like Google Talk that always have to be online and they use less than 1% of the battery when I am not using them.

Now, go ahead and install NetQin Android Booster and let me know which are the Applications you found eating up your battery.

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