January 1, 2010

See how Google welcomed 2010

Go to Google.com and click on the "I'm feeling lucky" button without entering a search term and you will see how Google welcomed 2010. Amid speculations that Google were up to something big as they had a countdown timer on their website in 2009, the Google's way of welcoming the new year drew mixed responses. People who noticed it first, like Techcrunch, finally arrived at the conclusion that this was about something big Google were to launch at 12.00 AM, January 1, 2010. They tweaked their Mac to see what would happen on January 1, 2010. Google was wise enough not to let system configurations fool them and when Techcrunch tried nothing happened. The secret was finally revealed when the clock struck 12.00 am  January 1, 2010. Watch the following video to see what happened. [Thanks thefrenzybug for the video]

Sure, the whole idea, after it was revealed looked childish. Who would expect a cool company like Google to come up with something as childish as some flash text jumping around their web page? However, the suspense was good when it lasted.

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