December 20, 2009

Open Dictionary from Macmillan

fauxtography |NOUN|the practice of creating false photographs by using software. It is a blend of 'faux' (meaning 'false') and 'photography'.The Jerusalem Post caught another fauxtography scam out of the mideast this week.

apatheist |NOUN| someone who is not interested in religion ... most apatheists are not agnostics. Because - and this is an essential point - many apatheists are believers.

technobimbo |NOUN| a girl who uses computer technology a lot but who doesn't really know much about it As a true technobimbo, I really hate the way computers can get stuck, go wrong and generally fail to explain themselves in plain English.

Heard these words? They are the new additions to Macmillan’s Open Dictionary. Well, what is the Open Dictionary? The idea is to allow users to add words that they know, with a meaning and a sentence in which the word in question is used. Anyone can add any word. Macmillan will publish the word if they can find reference to the word elsewhere. It cannot be a word used exclusively by you and your inner circle.

I don’t know how, even the word “adipoli” is there on the Open Dictionary list, as submitted by certain Dinesh Balakrishnan. As far as my knowledge goes, Adipoli is a word teenagers use in Malayalam to suggest that something is good as in “adipoli film”, “adipoli song” etc. Open Dictionary defines adipoli as follows



excellent; used in Indian English

The concert was an adipoli performance which went deep into the hearts of everybody.

May be, soon we are going to see “adipoli” in the main Macmillan Dictionary?

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