August 4, 2009

Google Launches Google Calendar Labs

Google Calendar is one good application so far from the Google Guys. It has always helped me organize my time and space, officially and unofficially. Features like email reminders and sms reminders, calendar sharing and the possibility of managing multiple calenders are all useful.

Nothing is ever enough for people at Google and they proved it yet again by introducing Google Calendar Labs. Gmail has Labs. So does Google Docs. And now they have Google Calendar Labs. Right now they have six new features running in the Google Calendar Labs and I hope many more are on the way.

Of the six features, I liked Attach Google Docs, Next Meeting and Free or Busy.

Attach Google Docs: This feature allows you to attach documents to an event. Guests can automatically view the presentation, spreadsheet or word processing document you attach to an event. I hope Google will soon come up with a way to attach documents saved on my system and will start supporting any format.

Next Meeting: I would say this is one cool feature that can come in handy, in case you are a person who has the habit of working it out backwards. The feature shows up on one side of your calendar. I hope Google will enable this feature in their Google Calendar Desktop Gadget too.

Free or Busy: This feature comes in handy if you have a calendar shared and needs to coordinate with people a lot. All that you got to do is enter the email address of the person concerned. If the person uses Google Calendar, you can keep track of their availability and plan your schedules accordingly. I think this is one feature that should stay.

Of course, these features are still in Lab and I know it will take a while for it to be a part of the actual Google Calendar. But I don't mind using them, even if they may act smarter than me sometimes and don't work at all. From my experience with Google for the last five or six years I have found, even their Lab Versions are reliable and work perfectly fine most of the time. And Google has certain features in Lab longer than any software company does so that by the time it comes out we have an almost perfect application. Please try these features and tell me what you think.

Images from Google Calendar

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