July 6, 2009

Use Google Webmaster Tools: Let people notice your Blogger Blog!

Why do you write a blog? Obviously, so that people will read it, appreciate or criticize it, comment on your post and come back to read you. And if you are, like me, dreaming about making easy money through affiliated links, you would want more people to read it. Now, how is it possible for you to let people know that you have a blog worth reading, to make sure that it does not get lost in the labyrinth of World Wide Web. This is where Google Webmaster Tools comes to your help.
I was excited to find out that Google Webmaster Tools will notify Google every time I post something and this will help people who search for keywords I write about find me easily.[Of course, depending on my page ranking and if I don't violate the terms and conditions.] I went straight ahead from my Google Analytics Page to Google Webmaster Tools. I registered techedIN with Google Webmaster Tools. First, I was asked to type in the site address after clicking on Add Site, on Google Webmaster Tools. Now, there is this final verification step to complete and Google asked me to put the meta tag, they have provided, on my site or to upload the html file they created to verify my site. Now, both doesn't work on Blogger. If I try to paste the meta tag to my template code, it just wouldn't accept the code. Blogger told me it cannot save the tag as it looks incomplete. And to upload the html file, there is no option on blogger. I was flabbergasted. This is a great opportunity for small time bloggers like me and it is a pity I can't use it. C'mon! Don't give up! Google never lets you down and that's what I love about these guys. They have a solution for most of your online needs. [And even your online luxuries!]
See what I found, looking for a way to add my Blogger Blog to Google Webmaster Tools, on You Tube. The Google Guys have a video, showing me how I add my Blogger Blog to Google Webmaster Tools. See for your self:

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