July 7, 2009

Google Squared: Organize information in squares!

Google never ceases to amaze me. One thing after the other, they have some innovative, impressive stuff coming our way. This time it is Google Squared. This is a tool, as Google puts it: "that takes a category (like US presidents, roller coasters, or digital cameras) and attempts to create a starter "square" of information, automatically fetching and organizing facts from across the web."

Yes. All you got to do is type in the keyword of the information you want to collect and Google will fetch it for you and organize in a table. This a good way to collect basic information on the things you want to know. Take a look at the picture of a Square I created to collect information on Indian Politicians.

I am building it, bit by bit. Here is what I did. I went to Google Squared and opened an empty square. I gave it a name - " Indian Politicians" Then, I started typing in the names of the politicians on whom I wanted information. Google Squared fetched their photographs and information on who they are.

For starters, Google Square is a good way to collect information. For example, if you are preparing for one of these public service examinations, you can make Google Squared to work like Cue Cards, for quick reference. If you are into research, Google Squared can be a place where you organize basic information about a lot of stuff you would like to include in your study. Google Squared tells you where it actually picked the information from. This helps researchers go to the page from where the information was fetched and do their detailed reading.

Google Squared is still in its developmental stage, in the Google Labs. I hope the Google Guys are adding more features to Squared.

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