July 31, 2009

IndiBlogger: Save yourself from 'Blogger's Depression"

The question is: why does one blog? Don't get me wrong looking at the Adsense and AdBrite Advertisements you see on my blog! They are there because I am trying to see how true are the tall claims by Affiliate Sites about you making millions of dollars out of affiliations. They are there because I am trying to make sense of how much different Affiliate Sites pay for each link I permit them to put on techedIN. No Blogger has become a millionaire running advertisments on his/her blog. I am in total agreement with Nikhil Narayan when he says in an Interview given to Blogadda: "After accumulating a whopping 10 USD in over 3 years, I realised that no one clicks on those Google Ads even by mistake. Then I tried other ads like Komli andTyroo. The height of optimism was joining the Shaadi.com affiliate program through which I gained nothing but monthly emails that gave me hope that I will soon start earning. After enough failures, I took off all the ads."

Then, why does one blog? I think most of us blog with the hope that someone somewhere is going to read what we wrote and appreciate it. May be, I am not too sure about you. I blog with the hope that someone [as many 'someones' as possible] reads what I blog. At one point in life everyone wants to be a 'popular' writer and 'blogging' gives us that satisfying feeling that we have become one. I go and look at my Google Analytics Report at least once a day. I am on the top of the world when I see the 'visits' graph shooting up. I don't purposefully look at the bounce rate for the fear of 'blogger's depression'.

Talking about Blogger's Depression: I think I recently stumbled upon another way in which I can possibly overcome it. IndiBlogger - a blogger commuinty for Indian Bloggers that saves you from the fear of no one taking a serious look at your Blog. I joined the Community with the hope that more people are going to read what I blog. And I am not disappointed that I did. My Google Analytics Report shows me that IndiBlogger is now at the top of the list in my report on traffic through Referral Sites. I have also found that the bounce rate came pleasingly down a few days after I had created a profile on IndiBlogger.

There are a few things I liked about IndiBlogger, which I will share with you like I usually do:

  1. They have this 'Blog Directory' where they list all the bloggers and their blogs once they join. It looks like they have this 'soft corner' for new bloggers or new members, which I think is a good thing. The most recent ones to join the community gets to be on the top of the 'Blog Directory' featured on the Home Page of IndiBlogger. 
  2. In my attempt to take teachedIN to as many people as possible, I have tried many Blog Directories and Blogger Communities. Almost all of them are strict about you giving a reciprocal link to their site. I have instances where Directories have rejected my membership because I was not willing to give them a reciprocal link. Please do not misunderstand - it is not that I don't want to thank these Blog Directory Guys for giving me a space to showcase my Blog. It is more about my freedom to choose if I want to publicly display an affiliation or not. When you make reciprocal linking compulsory, you are forcing me to thank you.  I was happy to see that IndiBlogger does not insist on you giving them a reciprocal link. [Many a times a reciprocal link is like leaving a trail. Leaving a trail on-line is not always advisable.] I was happy to see that they permit you to choose if you want to display their badge or not. 
  3. Another feature I liked about IndiBlogger is 'Blog Reviews' Of course, they do not entertain 'shameless self-promotion.' Asking for a 'Blog Review' is one way IndiBlogger satisfies those who are particular about promoting their Blog. Fact is, the more you participate in the forum on IndiBlogger, the more people will know you and come to read your blog. And if you don't have time to participate actively in the discussions happening on IndiBlogger, the next best thing is asking for a Blog Review. 
  4. There is another way to increase your bandwidth and reach. IndiBlogger lets you build a network. You can add fellow bloggers to your reading list. It is a 'win-win' You can keep track of those people you like to read and you can also make people take note of you by following them. I think I got the first 'it-makes-me-happy-you-read--it-because-you-wanted-to-read-it' comment on techedIN, after I joined IndiBlogger.
  5. They also have this IndiBlogger Ranking and IndiVine. Ya, IndiVine is an adaptation of Grape Vine. I think it gives you a categorized list of Blog Posts. I think they have an option to rank posts too. I did not have an opportunity to make sense of IndiVine so far as it is undergoing a major revamp as I am writing this. But, I think I'll like that feature too.
IndiBlogger also arranges Blogger Meets. This tells me, here are a group of people who take the idea of supporting bloggers seriously!


  1. Hey Soju, thanks for the great review! It's heartening to see that we've brought you traffic, and that IndiBlogger is helping bloggers like yourself. And yes, you'll love the new IndiVine. :-)

  2. Hey, renie, it is my pleasure to write about you guys. After ll, you are doing a great service to Indian Bloggers :)


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