July 21, 2009

Google Crome Crashes: How did I solve it?

It was not so long ago I wrote about Google Chrome launching an OS. I was so excited about the news of COS coming up to conquer the OS Market and going to take it all to the web and give cloud computing a new dimension. I was happy to know, soon I would be using my browser to run any application that I want to run. The next day something happened to my Chrome Browser, that almost made me rethink what I wrote. [No, I haven't changed my mind about trusting Google when they say their OS is going to be the best!] My Chrome Browser started crashing!

It started crashing every one minute. Start, crash and restart! This looked to me like running a fluorescent tube light when there is low voltage! Those of us who live in India would know what I am talking about. When there is low voltage [a common phenomenon in India] the tube lights start blinking like mad that you always give up and go to sleep no matter what you want to do. This Chrome Crash was like that.

I'd open the browser and type in a web address. When the page loads, Chrome would crash. Initially I thought, it might be a security procedure by Chrome and I was browsing a web page that might have sent some malicious code to my system. But when the crash recurred when I was browsing Google owned pages, when sometimes I was doing nothing on the browser, I realized there was something wrong. My Chrome browser was just not willing to listen to me and every other minute it crashed telling me: 'Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed.'

One good thing, during this whole drama of Chrome Crash, was that the browser was willing to get me back the pages I was browsing when it restarted. I managed to search the solution out, after an exasperating half an hour of start-crash-restart. Of course, Google had a solution. This is what Google asked me to do:


Try restarting the browser.

Whenever possible, Google Chrome will restore webpages from your previous browsing session.

Check whether you need a new browser user profile.

If you see this error message repeatedly, your browser user profile may be corrupted. First try moving the Default subfolder from your User Data folder to see if that fixes the problem:
  1. Go to Start menu > Run.
  2. Enter one of the following directories in the text field, depending on your operating system: Windows XP: %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\ Windows Vista: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\
  3. Click OK.
  4. In the window that opens, rename the 'Default' folder as 'Backup.'
  5. Move the 'Backup' folder from the 'User Data' folder up one level to the 'Chrome' folder.
If you continue to see the error, try creating a new user profile to replace your current one.
Check for problems with protected system files.
  1. Go to Start menu > Run.
  2. Enter the following: SFC.EXE /SCANNOW (make sure there is a space between SFC.EXE and /SCANNOW). This initiates the Microsoft utility that will scan and repair problems with protected system files on your computer.
Try opening Google Chrome and see whether the error message still appears.

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