July 10, 2009

Google Operating System: Soon to be a reality?

I love most of what Google does! One thing I like the most about all the Google Services is the fact that they gel into each other very well. Another thing is the fact that they let every one who can contribute to make the web a better place join hands officially or unofficially with them. [I'm talking about the space Google provides for developers to collaborate.]

The Google Guys are incredible and if there is one site that I always go to, it is Google.  And I use most of the services offered by Google. And I went straight ahead and started using Google Chrome, when they launched it. I was using Firefox till then and my hobby was to download and try and add as many add-on to my Firefox Browser as possible. It was fascinating to use Firefox, though the add-ons slowed down my browser and it always had 'starting trouble.'

When Google Chrome came people were wondering, why another browser. People thought, it is browser war. But Google proved them all wrong when they announced their Google Chrome OS on 7 July 2009. Google Chrome was not the beginning of a browser war. It was something beyond browsers and I wonder if Microsoft saw that coming when they were busy launching their cheap imitation of Google Search, Bing! C'mon guys! A picture that keeps changing on the home page and an option to fetch and display content from the sites in the search list does not make Bing, Google! I don't care even if they both give pretty similar search results!A cheap imitation is always a cheap imitation!!!

But look at Google and how beautifully they dream and strive to make that dream a reality.
Google says: "Speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS." 
And those are the three things everyone wants these days when it comes to Personal Computers. Google Chrome is fast enough not to make you feel sit and hate yourself for using it. It is simple enough to not to get you confused about what you should do when and how. It is secure enough to warn you about what can harm your computer. I am talking from a layman's perspective, all you computer wiz kids out there! So I think these guys are going to do it when they say they are going to make COS [Chrome Operating System, aah! sounds good!!] quick, simple and secure!

Google reminds me of the Theory of Evolution. Unlike Microsoft, who started with OS and stayed on OS till it was too late, Google has evolved like a living being does. From Search Engine to OS, I am fascinated to witness this evolution. They are gradually taking everything away from Microsoft. First they had this search engine that grew to Google Books  and Google Reader and gradually made libraries and encyclopedias obsolete. Then they had this Mail that changed the way people communicate and gave a new dimension to real time communication through Google Talk. Google Docs made me almost stop using the other Office Software Packages. Google Chrome made me forget and hate the other web browsers I was using so far. And now here is COS to take my breath away!

I really really wish COS is a reality soon!!

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