February 3, 2014

That missed call you just got might be scam!

Looks like scammers are increasingly moving away from the traditional ways of trying to squeeze some monies out of your pocket. They know that you have grown smart enough to recognize pishing and to avoid the Nigirian Bang Employee who got a truckload of cash stacked away in some distant place just for you.

We are living in the smartphone era. The smartness of the smartphones you own is the sweet spot for the new generation scammers. They try and exploit that these days to their best. I am sure you have noticed the automatic download of some funny application happening on your phone just as you visited one of those websites. Now, it seems that even if your phone is not so smart, scammers have found a way to exploit you. Some of them now resort to, you are reading it right, 'missed call' scam.

I just got a missed call the other day from a strange number. Smart as I am, (:P) I did not do anything about the number till I did a little bit of research online. The results were shocking. It seems that these numbers are configured to give you a missed call. And if you call back, they will charge you for the call.

I got the call from this number!

The scammer sets up a computer to call thousands of numbers. They know that for every 999 people who will never call back, there is someone who will. And once you call, you will get charged for every second you spend on the call.

Following are some of the things you need to do to make sure that you do not fall into this trap and lose money:

  1. If the call is from a number you do not know, even if you are waiting for a call from let us say that agency you gave an interview for a job the other day, do not call back!
  2. Google the number to make sure that it is not from a computer and is from a legitimate mobile/landline phone. There are also chances that you will find the number listed as a scam number.
  3. Check your phone bill for call like this. File a complaint with your carrier in case you find you inadvertently made such a call. They will reverse the charge.   

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