March 3, 2013

How to type in any Indian Language on Android Phone?

Android is evolving so quickly into a robust platform that matches operating systems on personal computer. It's actually evolving in leaps and bounds. And one of the concerns of people who live on the Indian subcontinent has always been, when it comes to android, its inability to render indic languages. A lot of discussion has been going on around the web regarding this and people have been tying to figure out ways to create text input and rendering methods for Indian languages or indic languages as it is popularly known in tech circles.

If you look at the Google Support forum for Android you will see many threads where people are asking for rendering and input systems for Indian languages. Google has solved this issue in their latest Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean updates and now developers can create input systems for Indian languages because text rendering has got so much better than it used to be.

So, what is the best way to type in Hindi, Malayalam, Kanada, Tamil, Marathi in your latest Android phone? Panini Keyboard has done it for Malayalam. However,  the issue with Panini Input Method is that they don't  give you the qwerty keyboard interface. It's pretty similar a scenario for other Indian language keyboards as well. Until Adaptxt came along.

Adaptxt is a normal keyboard, that was launched in Play Store recently without much noise. They have not made any tall claims about why it is better than other keyboards on the Play Store. Because action speaks louder than words.

The first thing that caught my eyes about Adaptxt is the varied language input options available for the keyboard. Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil -be it any Indian language you want to type in on your Android phone. Adaptxt has a language pack for that. Certainly,  Adaptxt comes with a hoard of other features and customization options too. But for me what sticks out is their robust language packages.

You want to type on your Android Phone or Tablet in Hindi/Malayalam/Kannada/Tamil/Marathi/Gujarathi and the best keyboard option you have out there on Google Play is Adaptxt. You can download Adaptxt from here.

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  1. There is a better solution which is LooKeys.
    LooKeys is a combination of a rendering engine for all 22 Indian Languages and a dynamic virtual keyboard. It is incorporated with the OS and runs on all Android OS (including GingerBread, ICS & Jelly Bean)
    U can find it on Intex Aqua Swadesh & Aqua Marvel+ smartphones.
    Google didn't solve the rendering issue for all Indian languages on ICS and Jelly Bean. Actually on ICS the solution is only for Hindi and also this is only partial.


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