January 15, 2012

How to edit videos on your Android Phone?

The best thing about a smartphone is the quality of the photos and videos you can create with it. There is an whole ecosystem around the idea of photos and videos on a smartphone. Smartphones succeed in the market not just because they can seamlessly connect you to the Internet. They succeed als because of the quality of the media you can create using them.

Once you create a photo or a video using your smartphone, the next question is how you share it. And when it comes to sharing videos you create using your smartphone, it becomes a little tricky. Videos are best when they are edited well. The problem with your Android Smartphones so far has been the issue with editing a video. You absolutely had no way to do it. The best you could do was to capture videos using your smartphone and transfer them to a PC to edit them. Now, that is not in any way seamless.

In a world that is increasingly becoming mobile, you should be able to create and edit videos on your phone itself. The moment you need to go to a PC to edit the video you just created, you become less mobile. And if you think Android is about replacing your PC, then you must have a way to edit your video. Is the some way you can edit the videos to create using your Android Phone. If you are using a tablet like me, there is a way.

You can edit your videos using the video editor for android, which you can download from here. You can trim your video, add titles to it and incorporate your favourite soundtracks too. The transitions are awesome. All you need to have is a little patience and a phone that is on air plane mode.

Why do you need to put your phone on air plane mode as you edit a video with the video editor for Android? The answer is simple. It is because of the same reason why you will not do anything else on your computer when you are editing a video. You cannot receive any data or phone all while you're editing a video on your Android Phone. Especially, when you are rendering the video. So put the in Air Plane mode while you are editing.

I have tried this application on a tab. Try it on a regular phone and let me know if it worked.

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