January 3, 2012

Hide photographs and videos on Android Phone

Mobile phones are increasingly becoming the devices on which people store their personal photographs and videos. When it comes to personal photographs and videos, there are those that you want people to see. Then there are the ones you do not want many to see. And you want to hide those from inquisitive eyes.

It is a major issue when you have friends or relatives who think it is their birth right to snoop around in your private space. What can you do to protect that little private space of yours and hide those photographs or videos you do not want anyone to see?

You may have crooked friends with a twisted mind and an overhyped idea of fun, who wants to post that photograph you took last summer with your girlfriend on Facebook and tag you for the world to see. Your parents are your friends on Facebook and you do not want them to see that photograph yet. Is there any way you can hide your private treasure from the eyes of your hyper fun loving friends, the next time they sneak out your phone to snoop?

Is there some way you can hide your private photographs and videos on your phone? If you are using an Android phone, there are plenty of ways in which you can hide photos and videos. My personal favourite is using Vaulty.

Vaulty is an Android Application that allows you to hide any photograph or video saved in your Gallery. All that you need to do is download Vaulty, scan the gallery, select the files you want to hide and hide them. You can password lock Vaulty and it will tuck away your private images and videos in a hidden folder, invisible to naked eyes. It is a great application, considering the fact that it reduces your overshooting blood pressure next time your dad or mom checks your phone and there are videos or images you do not want them to see. You can download Vaulty from here.

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