December 2, 2011

Here is a funky Launcher for Android!

I know!  If you are a dedicated Android user, you are already looking for ways to make your screen look different. That explains why, though carriers and manufacturers are late to officially launch most of the new versions of Android for their existing customers, people find ways to port them. Apparently, people are already porting the brand new Ice Cream Sandwich to devices that can never dream of an official version. That is how Android ecosystem is. You are trained to look out for new things all the time.

When people get bored of the existing user interface of their Android, they try the alternate launchers available in the market. I think Android made the word 'launcher' very popular. Something an iPhone user can never dream of. Android dreams have no limits.

So we try the alternate launchers like, Launcher Pro, Go Launcher etc. And then we try all the different themes available on them. We try all the different animations available on them. We try all the icon packs. And then we are on the look out for more. T he alternate launchers finally look like the stock Android launcher to us, with all their cool features.

Once we are used to our alternate launchers, we are ready for more. We try and discover more different launchers. We graduate to launchers like Circle Launcher. And then we look for  launchers that blend into widgets so that we never know there is a launcher there unless we tap on the widget. Slowly we get used to them too .

Once in a while you have a new operating system coming out to beat Android. Like  Windows phone. They come up with user interfaces that are very different from Android. And pesto, you will have a launcher that gives you the same user interface of the competitor,  on Android Market. They can not beat us in that game.

If you are so used to all the other launchers in the market, it is time for you to move on. There is a funky one in the market that changes your whole outlook about a launcher. It looks like you placed the control panel of a rocket on your screen. It is like nothing you have ever seen. Its funky look and cool functions are enough to keep you interested till another new launcher comes out.

You can download Rocket Launcher from here if you want to give it a shot . I gave it a shot. It is very intuitive. It looks, like I said, funky. There are a few things I liked about this particular launcher. The best thing I liked about Rocket Launcher  is the way it organizes your widgets. Instead of  swipe on home screens,  you get your widgets on one screen and you can scroll the screen to move from one piece to another. Then I liked the ever moving Launcher Centre that shows you the time and allows you to keep links to your important applications. Try it and let mere know what you thought.

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