December 25, 2011

Best recipe application for your Android Phone

You love cooking? You love trying out new recipes every day? You have a dinner coming up and you are wondering what to cook for your guests?

I don't cook. I don't cook because I don't know how to cook that well. However I have friends who love cooking. I find them always on the look out for new recipes. Most of them rely on cook books. Some of them rely on online recipe libraries. Both are limited when it comes to finding new and exciting ways to cook. They make discovery of new recipes a boring thing to do.

I have been searching for a good Application for Android that will allow my friends to cook well. See, when they cook well I get to taste it. Any hit recipe offers me a great lunch or yummy dinner. That is my incentive. So I set out on this journey to figure out a good recipe app on Android.

The search did not go on for long. I stumbled up on one of the best recipe application in the Android Market. Campbell's Kitchen.

Campbell's Kitchen is fully gear recipe application. Neatly designed. Beautiful images. Greatly organized to allow you to discover great recipes. The best thing I liked about the application is how the Kitchen offers recipes under beautifully organized themes. You can also register and save tips and tricks to save your face for a dinner. For each recipe you get to know step by step instructions on how to cook it, ingredients and the nutritional value of hag food. That way you can be sue about what you are cooking. You can download the application from here.

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