November 1, 2011

Is there another game better than Angry Birds?

I am sure every one who owns an Android phone would have downloaded and played Angry Birds. It is an awesome game. The very idea of pelting angry birds across the screen to destroy the pigs and the monkeys and to sometimes save the caged birds is very alluring. Take an aim and shoot. Angry Birds become a very addictive game over a period of time. It is addictive for the reason that it is simple and challenging at the same time.

Angry Birds is a good game to get people used to the idea of touchscreen. If you play that game you are sure to get comfortable about how to touch and feel a touchscreen. Some of my friends who found it difficult to use a touchscreen when they used it for the first time, found it easy to use touch commands after they played Angry Birds.

That is as good as it gets. Once you are used to the idea of a touchscreen, you begin to realize the fact that it can do more. This is when you start looking for a new game that allows you to do more than just swipe the screen and sit there waiting for a funny looking bird to decide what it is going to hit.

Just kidding! I know that the angry birds I shoot just don't go and hit anything they like. You need to be very careful about the angles you choose to shoot the birds. But then that's where fun ends and search begins. You want to do a little more than shooting those birds. You ask, is there a game that allows you to do more than just sit there and flng birds at pigs? Is there a game that is better than or as good as Angry Birds?

Well, Angry Birds is a cultural phenomenon. You cannot get better than that very easily. If you want to topple a cultural phenomenon, you may have to subvert it. That is exactly what the makers of Pigs in Trees did. They took the two familiar characters from Angry Birds - the brids and the pigs. And then they reversed the roles. In Angry Birds' story line the birds are the good guys and the pigs are the bad guys. The makers of Pigs in Trees turned that around and made the pigs into good guys and the birds into bad guys. When Angry Birds are trying to save other birds and eggs, Pigs in Trees are trying to protect trees from bad birds. I know, that is some noble cause!

Pigs in Trees involves a lot of action and need a lot more focus than Angry Birds does. If Angry Birds is about shooting yourself into the mouth of destruction, Pigs in Trees is about shooting the enemy down without harming yourself. Angry Birds has elements of suicidal tendencies in it. Pigs in Trees has elements of survival in it. Pigs in Trees is about an expert pilot who is out there to save the trees from the bad guys.

Angry Birds is of course a great game. Pigs in Trees in comparison, specially because it is a subversion of Angry Birds, is a greater game. Some people say that Pigs in Trees takes time to load and crashes or freezes on some devices. Well, that is something we can forgive for now as it is a recent application. May be it will take a few more updates for it to be stable on certain devices. I am using the first version of Samsung Galaxy Tab and I have not yet encountered any issue with Pigs in Trees. Now, you can download Pigs in Trees from here. Once you play it, let me know how you liked it.


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