October 15, 2011

What to do when Apps installed from Android Market Web Version do not get installed on phone?

One great thing about Android Market is the fact that you can install an Application from your phone and from your computer. You are working on something online and you stumble on an Application that you think will be great to have. If you are an Android user, you do not need to go back and look for it using your phone. You can straight away install that App from the Android Market's Web Version. All that you need to do is sign into Market, choose your device and click install.

All is good! Android released a new version of Android Market in July 2011 and it hoped to make App discovery a breeze. They revamped the whole UI and Market on your phone looks good now. But the recent release of the Android Market on your phone is too buggy. It has all sorts of issues that previous versions did not have. For example, the Market will tell you there is an App that has an update. But when an excited you head over to the App's page to update, all that you will find is an option to open or uninstall the App. That can be frustrating! This problem gets solved after a few hours and you will be ready to download the App again. But that is not all! The new Android Market has another issue that is much more serious than this!

I am sure most of you who use Android market Web version to install an App on your Phone would have faced this issue one way or the other. You find a great App. You want to install it. You sign in and click install. You wait for the App to get installed on your phone. Nothing happens! You wait, wait and wait! No App gets installed on the phone. What is the problem?

The issue is with the Market's ability to sync with the servers. If the Market Application on the Phone does not sync with the servers where Android Apps are stored, the Application will not get installed. All that you need to do is get the Market to sync back again. What can you do to sync the Market App with Google Servers and install the App you tried to install from the Android Market Web Application? Following are a few things you can do to make that sync happen:

  • Open and close your Market App for a few times. Try opening the "My Apps" tab from the Menu. Or open a few App Pages. If you do this a few times, the Market on your phone will sync with Google Servers and your App will get downloaded.
  • If opening your Market App does not help, go to Google Talk. Open Google Talk on your phone. Sign out of Google Talk and sign back in. The moment you get signed back into Google Talk you will see that the App is getting downloaded. 

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