October 8, 2011

Get great Themes for Android Phones, all in one place!

Are you a theme addict? Are you someone who keeps changing your phone theme on a daily basis? Are you someone who does not like your phone interface to look like the phone interface of your friend? Now, if you are you also know how difficult it is to get great themes for your phone from the clutter and chaos of themes in the Android Market. There are plenty of themes for Android Phones out there, themes that will make the UI of your Android Phone look sleeker and stylish and of course different. The issue is how do you get those that fit your taste, considering that with all the search capability that Google has, Android market search feature still sucks. What is the solution?

Well, there is a solution. If you know where to get Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher and Go launcher EX, half your problem is solved. Go ahead and install all three of them if you want to have all your options of a cool UI open in front of you. Once you have these three launchers on your phone, you can go and download N3XGen Theme Manager

N3XGen Theme Manager takes the chaos of themes available in Android Market and organizes them in a way it is to easy to discover themes that suits your taste. It allows you to search themes. It categorizes themes into free and paid. It syncs your Application Data from the Android Market so that you know which theme you already have and which you do not. The App is in beta. There are more features to come.

Here is a video of N3XGen Theme Manager:

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