October 18, 2011

Search button on Android is not working

Android is because Google is into search. Otherwise, why would they spend all these resources to try and make a world class mobile operating platform and give it away for free? They do that hoping that they are going to make money when people search on an Android phone. That is exactly the reason why,  in spite of the OS fragmentation that Android Phones are cursed with, you will see a dedicated search button on almost every Android Phone and it works the same way on every phone.

You press the button and pop opens the search bar for Android. You long press and you voice search.
Now, the search button is a utility. You don't use it unless you need it. Imagine the search button not working when you need it the most. You press and press and only what seems to be opening is the voice search. What do you do when your Google Search bar does not pop up when you press the search button?

Following are some of the things you can do to correct a search button that is not responding to a single click on your Android Phone:

  1. Make sure that it is only the single click that does not get you a response. If a long press opens the voice search and single click does not yield any result at all, be sure your hardware is fine. The problem is with the software. If the search button does not respond to both short and long press, it is time to take your phone to a service guy.
  2. If the issue is only with the single press, go to your Settings >Applications > Application Manager and find out the Google Search Application from the list. Open it and click the button for clearing data.
  3. If clearing data does not work, switch off the phone and switch it on. Take out the sim and battery once and insert it back before you switch on.
  4. If reporting does not work, download Android Assistant from the Market and use that to clear the cache. Sometimes Android does not clear all that you have inside the cache when you clear data.
  5. If Android Assistant does not help, see if you have the search widget on your home screen. Search Widget is this little bar you tap on when you want to search. The probable reason is that the search widget is not responding to the command from the search button. Delete the search widget and try the search button.

The search button must work now. If it does not, perhaps it is a problem with a recently installed Application. Take some time to figure out which Application is causing the issue and delete it.

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