October 6, 2011

Play any video format on Android! MoboPlayer or QQPlayer!

Playing video on mobile phones can be a pain sometimes. You need to either stream video from the web or convert your video into mpeg4 or 3gp format to make it playable on you mobile device. Now converting a video is such a long wait. You need to wait as long as the video you are converting to get it right and it is such a painfully long wait. How we wish playing video on a mobile device was as easy as playing it on a PC or a laptop. How we wish we could save that favourite DVD of ours on the mobile phone - copy, pate and we are done like we do it on a PC. How we wish we could play any video format on a mobile device - DivX, VOB, AVI or MKV files! Now our wish is Android's command!

The best thing about Android, as I always say, is the freedom it gives you. It gives you freedom from ripping, converting or streaming videos too. It allows you to use video players that are specifically designed to play any video format on the go.

I have tried many video players, in my quest to find a video player for Android that can play any video formats. Copy the video from a DVD to the phone and play it, that is what I wanted. And I stumbled upon the best video player, that can play any video format on your Android Phone, the other day.

MoboPlayer from Mobo Team plays any video format the best way only Android Phones can.

Head over to market and download MoboPlayer and it does the rerst for you. You can download MoboPlayer from here.

Now, which video formats can MoboPlayer play? MoboPlayer can play .avi, .mp3, .rmvb, .rm, .3gp, .wmv, .mp4, .mov, .mkv, .flv, .3gpp, .mpg, .mlv, .mpeg, .m2v, .vob, .tp, .ts, .asf, .ra, .ram, .hlv, .ogg, .f4v, .m4v, and .divx video formats. Wow, now that is a lot of popular video formats you can play on your Android Phone.

What does MoboPlayer do to play all these video formats? Most cases, MoboPlayer decodes the software using its in built format decoding systems. It can do many other things for you too. It can decode SRT, ASS and SAA subtitle formats too. This means if there are subtitles available for formats like .mkv, .mov and .mpv formats, MoboPlayer will play them along with the video for you. You can also stream videos from the web.

Now, what are you waiting for? Head over to Android Market and download MoboPlayer. Connect your Android Phone via USB to your Computer and copy paste the video file from your favourite DVD to your External SD Card or Internal SD Card. And click play after you disconnect!

Now if you are someone who wants to have all your options open so that you can play a particular format that you cannot play on one player, on another, here is another player that plays all video formats for Android - QQ Player

QQ Player allows you to play almost all the formats that MoboPlayer does. Now between QQ Player and MoboPlayer, you can workaround the formatting differences that happen when they write a video file on a DVD. A great thing about QQ Player is that it allows you to move between sound tracks and subtitle tracks if they are available on the file that you are playing. Now, if you do not want to take a chance with not being able to play your video after you have transferred the file to your phone, I suggest you pick both QQ Player and Moboplayer and download it from the market and you are ready to go again. [Tip: Allen Reza

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  1. I need one that plays webm....


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