December 1, 2009

Safe Social Networking: Orkut is safer than Facebook

I am amazed at the speed at which Facebook is catching up in India, pushing Orkut to the background. Well, I am generalizing based on my personal experience and not based on any research. I see many of my friends becoming more active on Facebook and less active on Orkut. I see bloggers in an eternal struggle to add more friends so that they can share their links with as many people as possible. I see Indian Companies coming up with Fan Pages on a daily basis. You are right, we do that because Facebook has a lot many more Social Networking options than Orkut.

I am on Facebook for the last five month or so. I kind of liked Facebook for their cute colour and fonts, layout and interactive networking options. I felt Facebook looks classy and more social networking than Orkut. I wondered why, Google, with all their mastery of building a brand was neglecting Orkut. If Google made up its mind, it could have taken Orkut way beyond what is is now. But I have never seen Orkut move beyond what it was a year or two ago, except for the new interface they recently launched. I was all the time wondering why!

Untill I read Dennis Yu and his how to spam Facebook like a pro.According to him, many of  the games, the quizes and the other applications that keep popping up while you are on Facebook are aimed at doing three things:

  • Installing a spyware or a tracking cookie on your computer which will later open a back door from your computer to smuggle out information
  • Trick you into giving up your email address and phone number
  • Trick you into giving up your or your friend's profile information
Now I think I know why Google is keeping Orkut simple. It is just about social networking and nothing else.


  1. Very true and very informative!
    I read about it somewhere too. there r many videos on youtube regarding the information theft by facebook.
    BUt yet, google still can do justice with orkut. The new design does not look very good and is like a chinese copy of facebook.
    Would love it if you would blog more often!


  2. Thanks for the comment Azad. I have not had a chance to try the new orkut interface yet :(


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